Currently, we use our in-house developed equipment to perform compression molding on an innovative new product called Eco Stone. Development of this equipment has enabled us to earn 7 national patents. During the manufacturing process, our dedicated operators are required to work 3 shifts per day. Each production line has the capability to produce 150 square meters of eco-friendly stone slabs for each shift.

Basic Steps in the Manufacturing Process:
1. Solvent Formulation: An eco-friendly, water-based organic modified resin is prepared to function as a useful binder. This is our in-house developed proprietary material.
2. Filler Formulation: Our filling materials are mainly composed of the remains of the natural stone.
3. Mixing: The stone filler is completely mixed with the adhesive.
4. Layout: The mixture is fixed with disposable materials.
5. Compression Molding: A hydraulic machine is used to perform compression molding on the mixture.
6. Demolding: Remove the mold base.
7. Maintenance: After maintenance is completed, our finished products vastly enhance mechanical strength in comparison to common stone.
8. Deep Processing: This kind of stone possesses superior machining properties. For this reason, an engraving machine can be used to create all kinds of patterns on the stone.

Considering the above steps, the client receives beautiful decorative stone, stronger than common stone and in an infinite number of patterns and colors to choose from…..all at great cost savings!

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