The developed in-house eco stone compression molding machine has earned us 7 national patents.

  • The eco-friendly water-based organic modified resin is prepared here to be made into our independently developed adhesive; we need to mix the necessary ingredients together according to the ratio.

  • The filling materials are mainly constituted by the remains of the natural stone.

    The stone filler will be mixed with the adhesive completely in 5 minutes.

    The disposable material is introduced here to function as the mold base.

  • The well-mixed raw material is to be poured into the mold base.

  • We judge the right distribution of the raw materials by the electronic scales.

  • Make the materials homogeneous in the layout.

  • A hydraulic machine is adopted to perform compression molding on the mixture.

  • Remove the mold base

    After the maintenance and drying process, our stone will own an unparalleled hardness comparing with the common stone.

    Since the eminent machining properties our products possess, we are easy to produce all kinds of decorative patterns on them with the engraving machine.

    Complex carving styles such as hollow sculpture and relief design are available.

    Our raw materials: the natural stone remnants.

  • The storage area for the finished products.

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